Kathruin Saliman


Acerca de mi

My name is Kathruin Saliman, I am a Medium Technician in Audiovisual Media Production, Graduated in Social Communication, Announcer and Copywriter. I started studying in the world of communication and I realized that it is an exciting career. I leaned towards copywriting for digital media 7 years ago and 3 years ago I began to specialize in Copywriting writing for web pages, eBooks, landing pages, Ads and social networks, while making the leap as a freelancer. I really enjoy what I do, working online with people from different countries and being part of a community that prioritizes doing what you like from the place you want is something I love. I like to teach and share tools that help people see further and project their careers and vocations in a different way. Part of our life project is to spend a couple of years as digital nomads getting to know new cultures, trying delicious foods and making friends around the world, while showing the Latin American community how to do it. I enjoy nature, classic books, music and good movies. Cooking is one of my hobbies, I like to cook dishes from different countries and I adore cooking for others. Cats melt me.


| Copywriting digital
| Content Creator
| SEO Copywriting
| Social Media
| Marketing Digital
| Corrección de textos
| Email marketing