Paula Andrea Castro


Acerca de mi

I was born in the beautiful city of Armenia in the Quindiano paradise on July 4, 1984. I am an empowered woman, mother, wife and daughter with many dreams and challenges to fulfill. My professional training is focused on Advertising and Marketing. Master in Education: Human Development. I have 14 years of experience in training university professionals for the Advertising and Design area, a job that I enjoy very much, since learning will always be a two-way opportunity, which has led me precisely to return to the business world. in which I undertook years ago and that I really enjoyed in the branding area. Now, from the area of ​​digital marketing, I am very interested in aesthetics, strategic and creative development that is developed as a team, which ensures that communication is a mechanism of great creative and commercial possibilities, and this is precisely what I do as Creative Director at Syllable. ITEM. I love to paint, share conversations and drink coffee, I am a fan of gummies and chocolates and my great passion is learning, I love my family, because they are the main engine to continue dreaming.


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