Natalia Bastidas

Portrait - Natalia Bastidas

I am passionate about design, so I always seek to achieve the balance between fresh and effective. I am continually inspired by new challenges in going beyond the limits, the standard ways of thinking and doing things. I want to change the world, or at least create some ridiculously nice designs, that visually communicate ideas and make a big social impact.

I love what I do. The combination of business goals, mixed with human need, and solid design are what get me going every day. Therefore, I put my technical skills at the service of each creative idea and vice versa, providing support from the graphic creation phase in order to offer a coherent experience in the objectives of each project. In addition, I have the total conviction to create enriching experiences centered on the user, that extend the empowerment outside and inside the screen.

Start connecting concepts, ideas and visions to bring projects to life. On the other hand, visual expression that is born to tell stories and change paradigms of life. I mean, I love the design!