IT Staff augmentation

Having the right professional team trained in software development, responsible for carrying out the projects and initiatives that arise in business is not an easy task for IT managers, on certain occasions the resource is assigned to a project in course and in some others the requirements that must be met are not within the skills or experiences of the internal or direct team, additionally the industry registers a high turnover rate of professionals in this field.


Hiring an external and specialized supplier is a determining strategy in any company since it allows the incorporation of a third party that complements its technological competences to its value chain and in this way it will be able to dedicate itself to the core of the business.

The trend of contracting outsourced services in software development is on the rise and this is presented in different modalities depending on the location of the supplier and the client.

Below we expand the information on the three modalities.


This modality occurs when the provider (third party and/or outsourcing) and the client are in the same city, country or region. We may refer to them as a local or national provider.


This modality occurs when the supplier and the client share a border or are in the same continent and the time zone is the same or the difference is very small.


This modality refers to cases where the contracted third party and the client are in different continents and in this case the difference in time zone and even language and culture must be taken into account.

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