Terms and Conditions

Syllableit is an independent technology company that offers the development of innovative IT solutions through its software factory services, IT staff augmentation, and product design and development.

  1. Scope
  2. The terms and conditions of use registered in this document represent an agreement between the user, natural person of legal age or legal age, and Syllableit, associated with the services offered through the web platforms syllbleit.com.
  3. User obligation
  4. It is the express obligation and responsibility of the user to know, read and clearly understand the conditions registered in this document before using this website.
  5. These Terms and Conditions may be modified by Syllableit, due to legal definitions, due to the needs of the business model or for other reasons, so it is the user's obligation to read these terms before using the web portal.
  6. Recognition, understanding and acceptance
  7. It is understood that the user accepts the Terms and Conditions of use of the Syllableit web platform including the use of cookies from the moment the user enters, accesses and browses the web portals syllbleit.com.
  8. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, please do not access or use this site.
  9. Definitions
  10. Visitor: Natural or legal person who, using any technological device connected to the Internet, accesses the Syllableit web portals.
  11. User: Natural or legal person who uses the services offered by Syllableit for their benefit and enjoyment.
  12. Platform: Internet portal enabled by Syllableit registered under the domain syllbleit.com.
  13. Link: hypertext link that connects or directs the user from a portal or web resource to another property of Syllableit or a third party.
  14. Third Party: Legal entity with which Syllableit has a commercial agreement.
  15. Conditions of service
  16. The user authorizes Syllableit to share their information with third parties and to be contacted to receive personalized advice if they require expansion or more detail about the services offered by Syllableit.
  17. Advertising Via E-mail
  18. The protection and integrity of personal data provided by users is of vital importance and priority for Syllableit. As such, Syllableit makes every effort to ensure data protection compliance. For more information please refer to our privacy policy.
  19. Syllableit stores, processes, uses, supplies and transfers personal information to third parties for the purposes of commercial activity and service. only if you have obtained your consent or a legal provision that allows the collection, processing or use of your data.
  20. Syllableit stores, processes, uses, supplies and transfers to third parties information that is necessary for the performance of the services offered by Syllableit and/or for the use and operation of the platform.
  21. If the user has agreed to receive information about Syllableit during the registration process on the platform or at a later time when using the Syllableit services, the user will receive regular information about the service. Consent can be revoked at any time in writing or by email. Consent to receive emails follows after the email confirmation has been sent by Syllableit. By clicking on the link in the email you will sign up for newsletters.
  22. Obligations of users regarding the use of the platform
  23. Users agree to make responsible use of the platform by not using programs or software that may threaten its proper functioning.
  24. Users, visitors and third parties are prohibited from using the web platforms to know, seize or use information that is not their property and in general to carry out any improper, illegal, illicit or hacking practice.
  25. Responsibility
  26. In particular, hyperlinks, advertising banners, information about services and promotions are provided by third party websites and do not represent recommendations or information from Syllableit.
  27. Syllableit does not guarantee the uninterrupted availability of the web platform and may carry out maintenance tasks for a freely chosen period of time or partial or total suspension of the website without prejudice on the part of the user.