Groupe Dynamite INCS

groupe dinamite

Groupe Dynamite INC is one of our most important clients in the Canadian market.

It is a women’s fashion retail company operating in Montreal, with more than 300 physical stores and a strong IT team in charge of the e-commerce store.

When we started our operations we knew that Canada and The United States had been facing, for several years, a meaningful deficit of software developers, so we explored these markets intending to provide Colombian IT talent to meet their needs.

In our search for clients in the Canadian market, we had the opportunity to talk to one of the heads of the IT department of this company, who helped us to establish contact with the person in charge to present our commercial proposal.

The response generated a positive impact and we had our first business meeting where we introduced our company and got to know theirs.

The need for a profile with specific skills

At this first meeting, we listened to the challenges that Groupe Dynamite INC had with the development team.

They needed to improve the user experience in the mobile app to grow and position themselves solidly within the local market, but:

  • Finding bilingual Front-end developers with React and React Native skills and experience was very difficult for them.
  • The search, recruiting, and hiring processes involved a significant investment of time and money for our client.
  • They had the challenge of creating a cross-functional team of developers with the ability to support the web and mobile application, so the talent needed to have knowledge and experience on two sides of the same coin.

We were sure that we could help them increase their sales to position themselves within the local market by improving the user experience in their e-commerce channels, so, after knowing their needs, we focused on finding a professional profile that would help them meet their business and growth goals.

Finding the right person to meet the goals

Before starting the talent search, we created a Job Description together with the client to:

  • Determine the skills and experience that the candidates should have.
  • Establish technical requirements such as internet connection, features of work tools, software to be used, etc.
  • Define time availability, as well as means and tools of communication.

Understanding the profile was essential to finding the right person.

The next step was to validate if we had a candidate that matched that profile in our internal database.


This is how we started our active search for talent in the main cities of Colombia, we received dozens of applications in this process.

By studying each one of them, we found 15 professionals that matched the requirements, and, after several interviews and tests, we selected 5 qualified candidates to introduce to the client.

Providing talent with the best working conditions

The client selected one of the 5 candidates we introduced, which started the hiring stage.

  1. The first thing we did was a background evaluation process, home visit, reference checks, and medical tests, necessary to hire the developer who would join the Groupe Dynamite INC team.
  2. Our administrative and legal team was in charge of drafting the contract with the client and we defined a start date.
  3. We delivered the technological equipment to the developer (desktop computer, headset, cell phone, microphone, and camera) and the necessary furniture (desk, chair, and footrest) for the correct performance of his functions.

Finally, the client integrated the developer into their work team and provided him with a week of induction.

They hired more developers in less than three months

Our technology partnership started by supplying a mobile developer specialized in React and React Native.

Currently, we have 4 Colombian developers working on our client’s website and mobile application, which means that we are helping them, through IT, generate impact inside their industry in the Canadian market.


The last hired developers are about to complete 6 months and they are happy for the experience and for all the learning they have gained working with them.

For us, it is very satisfying to know that the Colombian talent we provide performs its functions effectively and in a very good working environment.

Results of this technology partnership

After one year of providing Groupe Dynamite INC with our IT Staff Augmentation, we can say that:

  • We are helping them in their goal to grow within the local market by supplying the right people for the cross-functional team that the company needed to build.

They want to position themselves within the local market, and to do so they require technologies thought and designed for their users’ satisfaction, so the talent we have provided works daily in the fulfillment of these goals.

  • We helped them save time, money, and effort that involved finding, recruiting, training, hiring, and retaining new talent since Syllable IT took care of these processes.

We found the profiles with the specific skills, provided them with the necessary equipment to work well, and delivered them to the client ready to join their work team.

  • Four (4) Colombian developers and their families are enjoying professional, labor, and personal well-being by working from Colombia with a foreign company.

So everyone (client, talent, and us as a company) is growing thanks to the technology partnership.

Our client is satisfied with the service, and they are open to continuing working together for more partnerships like this one, and we are happy to be able to demonstrate credibility, efficiency, and responsibility from the Colombian IT talent.